Member Story: Bizzie Tizzie

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For jack of all trades Yvonne Bryant, the idea of handing in her punch card and starting her own business started with a dream 20 years earlier.

Dreaming up whirlwind, five-year-old Bizzie Tizzie was the easy part. Carefree, adventurous Bizzie Tizzie explores her own imagination through occupations A–Z, teaching its young readers to have fun and “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” author Yvonne says.

Yvonne had the children’s story written in two days—and then she tucked it away on a floppy disk for the next two decades. What brought Yvonne to the decision to finally publish her book is still up in the air: It could have been recently turning 50 or her long desire to be self-employed, but she knew to turn this dream into reality, she would need an illustrator (or in her case, two) to bring Bizzie Tizzie is Gonna Be Everything from A to Z to life.

Armed with sketches of her late daughter’s Bizzie Tizzie interpretation, Yvonne was introduced to father/daughter illustrator duo, Kevin and Jessica Tobin, to transform Bizzie Tizzie from words on a page and bring her to life. Together, the three created what over 1,000 readers now know and love as the self-published story of adventurous Bizzie Tizzie.

“I didn’t want to go to a publisher because I wanted to make writing Bizzie Tizzie a career—and this meant starting my own business,” Yvonne explains.

Like choosing the best illustrators to bring Bizzie Tizzie to life, Yvonne needed the right financial partner to launch her small business—she chose EasternEdge Credit Union.

“My partner uses the credit union for his small business, so the first thing I did was reach out to them for my first business purchase. I wanted to buy a red Volkswagen Beetle because Bizzie Tizzie has one in the book. The credit union helped me right off the bat and our relationship has only grown from there,” says Yvonne.

Unhappy after working with a financial representative at a local car dealership, Yvonne sought advice from her credit union and they, “stepped in and helped get the deal done.” Yvonne plans to take the Beetle around to schools, participating in programs to read to children (when COVID-19 restrictions allow).

Appreciating credit unions’ personal and effective service, Yvonne and her partner brought all their financial needs to the credit union and the staff have become some of Bizzie Tizzie’s biggest fans, buying t-shirts, socks, and the book. “I can always get someone on the phone right away if I need help and they immediately know who I am—it’s the way banking should be.”

If you’re looking to start your own small business check out our Business Planning Guide or get in touch with your nearest credit union.

Looking to pick up your own Bizzie Tizzie is Gonna Be Everything from A to Z? Contact Yvonne at