Member Story: BeckTek

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Back in the early 90s, few could have anticipated technology would advance as rapidly as it has. But, Scott Beck did. With a booming voice made for radio—his former career path—you can tell the cyber specialist is passionate about his job from the way he speaks.

Scott started BeckTek back in 2004 as a computer support company to help his neighbours deal with the confusing world of tech in a new digital age (back when many of us still had dial-up internet).

“Over the years BeckTek changed from fixing peoples’ computers to helping hundreds of companies keep money in their own wallets and out of the pockets of the bad guys,” says Scott.

If it’s not the two best-selling titles on his bookshelf that give Scott the credit he deserves, he’ll show you pictures of the time he and his wife had the chance to walk the red carpet in Hollywood after starring in the Amazon Prime documentary “Cyber Crime”—even airing a special show at the Cineplex in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

But how did he end up moving from radio to cyber security?

Scott had a keen fascination with computers, so when emerging technology started to become more mainstream, it didn’t take long for him to end up in an IT peer support group, sitting around a table with like-minded folks. From there, he was introduced to the first version of ransomware “CryptoLocker” that was making newsworthy headlines. He realized technology was shifting and security was the future of cyber-safety as we know it. This realization allowed him to build his practice, and a name for himself, on the cutting-edge side of the industry.

“When I started BeckTek I only had $300 in my bank account and a personal computer,” says Scott.

But, Scott began his relationship with Advance Savings Credit Union back in 2001 when he opened a personal account. “When I moved back to the greater Moncton area for school, I needed a financial institution. After a few years of getting to know the staff I told them about my idea to start my own business. I consider them to be a critical member of my team,” he says.

Today, BeckTek has grown to five employees and have moved from the living room to their own office building.

“I value knowing when I walk into my branch and ask if my financial decisions make sense, I get a straight and honest answer. Advance Savings Credit Union has been a true partner looking out for my best interest. I never feel like I’m being sold. I never feel like just a number. Even my kids bank with a credit union because I feel like they are there to help me succeed,” he says.

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