A letter to my younger self

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At a young age, Crystal Richard was the girl who thought she had her life all planned out. After two years of university, attempting unfamiliar career paths, working abroad, and adopting a cat named Bella, she still didn’t know who she wanted to be when she grew up.

Crystal’s story is one you might be able to relate to. She learned a lot during this part of her life. Now, after years have passed, here are a few things she would want her younger self to know:

Dear younger me,

Be yourself

Stop comparing yourself to others, seriously! There is no specific age to have life figured out.

It can sometimes feel like financial well-being is out of reach, but you will get there on your own timeline. Stay true to yourself and stay focused on your own journey.

Create your own road map

To make your dreams a reality, you’ve got to chart your own course. Sit down and plan it out. Don’t wait for the perfect moment; start mapping out your journey now. It’s okay to switch your initial path, look ahead at your final destination.

Work towards your dream

Find out what your dream is. Is it a vacation, buying your first home, or buying a new phone? Write it down and figure out what you need to get there and how much it will cost you. What matters is that you should not be scared to dream big!

Remember, to work towards your dreams, you may need to cut back but it won’t be forever.

Don’t let debt hold you back

I know it can feel like debt is piling up, but you can still find ways to stash away a little cash. Every paycheck that comes your way, put a small chunk aside to help you reach your goals. And don’t forget to pay your phone bill.

You might have to hustle a little harder to pay off your debt, but it will feel so rewarding once you have more control over your finances.

Start that side hustle

Discover your hidden talents, or skills and use them to your advantage. It’s never too late to start a small business to call your own to bring in extra money outside of your full-time job.

You got this.

Love, your future self

P.S. You’ll be so impressed with where we end up.

“I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that I have been able to do all of this on my own but what I’m most proud of is the fact I’ve achieved my dream job which has allowed me to find the financial well-being that felt out of reach most of my life.” – Crystal Richard

If you resonate with Crystal’s story, reach out to the credit union nearest you for personalized financial advice to help make your dreams happen.

This letter was inspired by Crystal Richard’s story from her breakout session “What do I want? Figuring out next steps, and how to get there financially” at the Investing in You Women’s Conference.