Making Cents of Tough Conversations

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Investing in You Women's Conference joins female experts from across Atlantic Canada as they share stories and advice while empowering women through financial literacy.

Proudly organized by credit unions for 3 years in a row, Investing in You is a free interactive panel-style discussion on real-life financial wellness advice.

We know that some things in life aren’t the easiest to talk about—money being one of them. This is why on May 11th, 2023 Atlantic Canadians joined us for an open discussion on women‘s financial wellness, budgeting, and work-life balance moderated by Sylvia Beirnes of Canadian Content Studios, keynote speaker Tia Upshaw and expert panellists Jenny Ward, Marlene Foote, Lara Fraize-Burry, Sarah Kelly & Crystal Richard.

If you happened to miss this year's conference we've got you covered. The articles linked below are recapped versions of the information shared in each breakout session led by our amazing panellists.

Jenny Ward: How to Negotiate for Yourself at Work

How to Negotiate for Yourself at Work

Marlene Foote & Sarah Kelly: Tackling Debt With Confidence

Tackling Debt With Confidence

Lara Fraize-Burry: Managing Finances With Your Partner

Real Talk: Joint Accounts

Crystal Richard: What do I Want? Figuring out Next Steps and How to Get There

A Letter to My Younger Self