Tips for you and your budget to survive festival season

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Five Financial Tips forFestival Fun

It’s officially festival season! And whether youridea of a good time is a muddy mosh pit or an exclusive VIP suite, festivalscan take a toll on your budget. But with a bit of planning, you can make it throughwithout breaking the bank.

Hereare a few tips: 

Buy your tickets early

Manyfestivals offer early bird ticket prices months in advance. If you know you’llbe attending, buy your tickets early to save some money.

Bring a reusable waterbottle

Alot of places won’t let you bring in fullbeverages, but clear and empty reusable water bottles are usually fair game. BYOB(bring your own bottle) to avoid paying big bucks for the pre-bottled stuff. 

Packyour own snacks                                                                        

Dependingon the festival, you might be able to bring snacks with you. If you can, thisis a great way to save a few dollars on meals. Just be sure to check theguidelines before you pack a gourmet feast—you wouldn’t want to have to abandonit at the security gates.

Check the weather

Welive in the Atlantic provinces, which means the weather can go from bright andsunny to dark and stormy in an instant. Check the forecast and packaccordingly. Chance of showers? Buy a small, packable rain poncho to avoid animpulse buy at triple the price when you’re already soggy. Nothing but clearskies? Bring plenty of sunscreen, some shades, and a hat.

Plan for comfort

Sure,tenting alongside of 1,500 of your new best friends might sound like a goodidea, but sometimes the cheapest option for accommodations isn’t always themost comfortable. Be honest with yourself and your desired level of comfort—sometimesit’s worth it to shell out a bit more to get a good night’s sleep. That way youcan wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day and not like youneed to drink your weight in coffee.