Your Two Cents - Money Talks (Episode 2)

Season 4 - Episode 7

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On the latest episode of Your Two Cents - Money Talks, Alicia McCarvell is finding out what financial feats are on the minds of Atlantic Canadian university students.

To help you on your financial journey we have also responded to Alicia's questions using helpful resources that will allow you to level up your financial game!

Did you talk about money growing up? Maybe money was a hush-hush topic in your household growing up. Let's talk about it now. Here are hot tips #1–10: how to bring ‘adulting’ to your finances.

Do you budget? It's never too late to start! Get the lowdown using our guide to budgeting.

Do you think you will ever be able to afford a home? Facing the real world isn’t always easy—especially when you’ve got student debt to tackle on top of your bills and other financial responsibilities. Here are our top four tips for saving for a home, even when dealing with student loans.

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