Member Story: Lifestyles Health and Fitness Studio

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When Jennifer Gendron opened the Lifestyles Health and Fitness Studio in Hampton New Brunswick, she had a vision of approaching the fitness world a little differently.

“I knew I wanted to create a space that was more than a gym. A place that was about the mind, body and spirit, that was community focused, and about more than just getting fit.”

Since opening her doors more than 10 years ago, Jennifer and her team have brought that vision to life and then some. Lifestyles offers everything from personal training, to massage therapy to reflexology—they even offer yoga, which connects perfectly with Jennifer’s values.

“Yoga is a practice that allows you to move your body, but it also helps calm the mind. We all have busy lives, and yoga helps people to slow down, and to get centered. It’s a practice that is accessible for everyone—we even offer chair yoga for people that struggle with mobility.”

With nearly 600 Lifestyle members, Jennifer’s holistic approach seems to be resonating with her community. So much so, that a year ago, she was able to open a new location—one that was permanently hers.

“We had been in two rented locations, but it was always my dream to own my own building. I’ve been with Bayview Credit Union from the start—and because they know me, and understand my history, I knew they’d be there every step of the way through purchasing our own space.”

The new studio is a historic building that holds great sentimental value for the Hampton community. Originally built in the late 1800s, the building served as Hampton’s Legion for many years.

“The day we opened our new building was one of my proudest moments—the realization of a big dream. This community has supported us and kept us in business for 10 years. I’m proud to be connected to Hampton’s history and I hope that our studio continues to be a gathering place, and a place that serves the community—just as the Legion did.”