The Atlantic Credit Union Round-Up Challenge: Mid-month check-in

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If you’ve been following along, earlier this month we issuedour first ever Round-Up Challenge as a way to kick-start better financialhabits for 2018. Our four brave volunteers—Brandon, Casey, Amanda, andZach—have been at it for two weeks, and we wanted to check in to see howthey’re doing.


“What has been eye opening is the number of actual transactionsI’ve made so far. Small purchases add up and make it easy to spend abovebudget. This challenge is making me realize I need to be more conscious of myday-to-day spending habits.”

Total to date: $7.71


“I track spending like a crazy person regularly. I havebudgets for everything, meet with a financial advisor regularly, save up forpurchases, etc. Not because I enjoy it, because I have to. This month I made acouple big purchases for the house that I’ve been saving up for so my “totalspent” column is a bit scary to be honest. Adding one more way of tracking my(lack of) money is a bit overwhelming. However, I’ve never looking at saving inthis way before (I save a set amount every month) so, it’s been an interestingexperiment.”

Total to date: $10.23


“Saving is hard—and because I don’t carry cash with me, I’vebeen having a hard time remembering to track everything. But when I finallydid, I was surprised to see how much I had accumulated in such a short periodof time without changing my spending habits at all!”

Total to date: $15.92


“I started strong, but after a few days I missed a fewpurchases and it snowballed a bit. This was the reminder I needed to get backon track!”

Total to date: ?

How have you been doing with the challenge? Tag us on socialmedia using the hashtag #CURoundUp to let us know!

And if you’re just looking for a bit of advice with how toget started with your savings, what to do with all that money you’re going tosave, or long-term savings advice in general, talk to your local creditunion.