Pop culture financial advice: Riverdale

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Money—or a lack thereof—is a big theme in pop culture. Fromthe logistics of how Carrie Bradshaw could afford her New York apartment—not tomention all those shoes—on Sex and theCity to the financially driven decisions made by the White family on Breaking Bad, money plays a role in someof pop cultures most beloved story lines.

In honourof the release of season two of Riverdale, we have some financial advicefor some of our favourite characters to consider in our second installment ofPop Culture Financial Advice. And if you’re curious, read the first article inthe series here.

The Blossoms

Without getting into too many spoilers, the Blossom familyhad its fair share of troubles in season one. Our main advice? Don’t put allyour eggs in one basket. (Or should that be, don’t put all your maple syrup inone barrel?). When it comes to your money, it’s important to diversify—chancesare, a variety of investment options will make the most sense for yourinvestment portfolio. Long-term options like RRSPs are great for saving forretirement, but if you need to access your funds, a less locked-in option likea TFSA might be best. Your financial expert can help you find the right mix foryou.

The Lodges

Making a lifestyle change can be tough—especially when itmeans scaling back and watching your pennies a little closer. But moving fromthe bright lights of a big city to the relative peace and quiet (yeah, right)of a smaller town can also come with its benefits. The best way to keep an eyeon your cash flow? Create a monthly budget. Make a list of your expensesand see how they match up with your income. Be honest with yourself, too—ifdesigner threads are a monthly must-have, then make sure you factor that intoyour spending plan.  

The Andrews

Owning your own business can come with its share ofchallenges and triumphs. Whether you need to find some capital to make a largepurchase—like, say a drive-in theatre sized piece of land—or you need to hire afew extra helping hands, staying on top of your finances is key. One thing toremember is that you never have to do it alone. Find a trusted partner to helpmanage your finances when you get in a little over your head.