Money Talks: An evening of financial advice and casual conversation

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It’s not easy to open up about what’s in your wallet or to face your financial struggles head on. We’re even taught that money is a taboo topic—or at least certainly not something to be brought up at a cocktail party.

But the truth is, we could all benefit from a little more real talk when it comes to our finances.

That doesn’t mean you have to walk through every line of your bank statement with your best friend or strangers on the internet. It’s more about being comfortable asking questions, learning about basic financial terms and principles, and getting some expert advice every now and then.

There’s power in financial literacy. In fact, it’s so important there’s an entire month dedicated to it. In honour of Financial Literacy Month—and in the spirit of making finances more comfortable—we brought together a group of 12 Atlantic Canadians for a casual conversation about money. We chatted about everything from small business advice, to saving for a big purchase, to paying down debt—and we did it all in an informal setting over a few craft cocktails.

We wanted to show that asking for advice doesn’t have to be scary—and that we could all benefit from learning about how to better manage our money. See what our guests had to say.

Curious about the basics of financial literacy? Our Glossary of Financial Terms is a helpful place to start. Have more questions about managing your finances? Contact your local credit union.