LaHave River Credit Union wins the Atlantic Credit Unions’ top award for community leadership

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Atlantic credit unions are more than just event sponsors; we’re personally committed to the success of our members and communities.

Every year, one of the 45 locations in Atlantic Canada is honoured for its outstanding contribution to the community.

We call it the Coady Award and it encompasses everything credit unions stand for—the actions they take each and every day demonstrate a personal commitment to the success of the community and the people who live there.

This year, LaHave River Credit Union received the Coady Award for its work with youth and adult organizations in Bridgewater and throughout Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

When President and CEO of Atlantic Central, Mike Leonard presented the award he said, “LaHave River Credit Union won because of its deep commitment to financial literacy for youth through to seniors and developed several programs to promote healthy money habits. They donated hundreds of volunteer hours from staff for numerous community initiatives and promoted environmental responsibility such as the Incredible Edible Garden.”

All of our employees across the network are deeply committed, believe in what they do, and embrace credit union values.

Here are a few of the initiatives LaHave River Credit Union invested in last year through program development, donation, and volunteerism:

Financial Literacy

  • Pitch It Event – part of the Junior Achievement Program
  • Dollars with Sense
  • Credit Union Knowledge Festival
  • Economics of Success

Environmental Responsibility

  • Incredible Edible Garden – planted, maintained and harvested by staff volunteers
  • Earth Day Activities
  • Low-interest rate enviro loans so members can affordably purchase environmentally friendly appliances, vehicles, etc.

Community Organizations/Events

  • Harbour House
  • Autism Centre Society – 80 hours of staff volunteer time
  • Fire Departments – more than 250 hours of staff volunteer time
  • Citizens on Patrol – 30 hours of staff volunteer time

Earlier this year, LaHave River Credit Union was also the proud recipient of the 2015 Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award for small business in Atlantic Canada—another amazing achievement for its hardworking and deserving staff.

Recently, LaHave River Credit Union shared the award with our friends at Junior Achievement, one of the exceptional organizations it’s proud to work closely with. Brenda Kenny, the organization’s Director of Programs, was kind enough to share the following message about Junior Achievement’s relationship with the credit union:

“Our programs are designed to empower youth to make the right decision. Junior Achievement is all about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and workplace readiness. Financial literacy is a huge piece for the credit union and we can really feel its impact in our community. For most credit unions it’s just what they do; they’re in their communities every day. This program is a way for them to be right in the classroom and get the right information to the students.

Without community partners like the credit unions, whether it’s LaHave River or credit unions in general, Junior Achievement couldn’t do what we do, which is getting good information to students to make a more financial literate workforce for the future and leaders for the future.”

Giving back to the community is a core value that is consistent across our network. On average, credit unions give back 4% of pre-tax profits to local community organizations—this is four times higher than the recognized industry standard of 1%. Profits are invested directly back into the communities we serve. At all Atlantic Credit Unions, we feel lucky to be so deeply connected to our amazing communities and will continue to support them the same way they support us—that’s what partners do.