In the business of brewing

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For Mark Reid and Sean Ebert—two of the partners in Lunn's Mill Beer Company—their small business started off as a weekend pastime. They’d try out new recipes of small-batch beer to share with friends and family just for fun. After awhile, they were asked by friends to brew for a wedding, and that’s when they realized that making beer could be more than just a hobby.

Since then, Reid and Ebert have taken on two more partners—Chantelle Webb and Chad Graves—to help launch their craft brewery in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. “We opened on March 6th, 2017,” said Webb, “and we were selling out every day we were open from March till June.”

Lunn’s Mill Beer Company continues to work toward being as hyper-local as possible, from collaborating with local farmers to plant rye and barley, to partnering with other local businesses to make special brews. “We’re looking to be a community partner, and to give back,” says Webb. A sentiment they felt was shared by Valley Credit Union in Bridgetown.

“We did our due diligence,” says Webb, “but it really came down to personality for us.” And for Lunn’s Mill, the personal service and the feeling that their financial institution actually cared about their success were the deciding factors in choosing to bank with a credit union. “From helping us to save money on banking fees, to inviting us to small business workshops, Valley Credit Union has been an incredible help throughout the whole process,” says Webb.

Lunn’s Mill wants to make beer they are passionate about. And having a solid team behind them at Valley Credit Union to provide financial advice and support allows them the time and space they need to focus on their craft, and to make truly great craft beer.