How do you spend your money? Part 2

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It can be helpful to know how people livingdifferent lifestyles actually spend their money on a weekly basis. The firstedition of our How Do You Spend YourMoney? feature was a great success, so our latest installmentfeatures Phyllis—a retired project manager in her early 60s living in Halifax.Take it away, Phyllis!

My first opportunity to spend money was at a very early age. Myfather distributed our allowances, which had to last a whole month (Dad waspaid monthly so I learned quickly how to make that $5 last the entire 30 days).

Budgeting and spending was a very valuable subject to be taught asa child, and this knowledge has remained with me all of my life and enabled meto raise and educate my son without financial difficulty.

My budget today is a monthly one, and it includes rent, utilities,insurance, gas, groceries, eating out, entertainment, and personal purchases. Myspending varies from week to week, as I take advantage and shop for groceryspecials and sales when purchasing clothes and household purchases.

Having an everyday wallet and a second for membership cards can help keep everything organized and streamlined.
Having an everyday wallet and a second for membership cards can help keep everything organized and streamlined.

Day 1: Monday

Daily Total: $76.91

My day started withan appointment at the local health centre (parking $1). Then it was off to Costco for a quick look aroundand I happened upon healthy green pea snacks and spinach. ($16.20) From there, I went to Winners—always a great place to find deals—and pickedup new sandals that I can dance in and wool socks for when the snow comes ($40.23). I also picked up a can openerand a furniture repair kit—both for a great price ($11.48) I rounded out my day by attending a line dance class ($8). 

Day 2: Tuesday

Daily Total: $0


Today began with another visit tothe health centre (free parking this time!). I had such luck shopping yesterdayI decided to go again, this time I was looking for boat shoes. I looked inseveral shoe stores but was unsuccessful in finding what I was looking for. Nomoney spent today! Just gas in the car.

Day 3: Wednesday

Daily Total: $81.99

Today began with a trip downtownto run an errand. I managed to find a metered space on Morris St. ($1.25). After running my errand, Idecided to walk along the waterfront to check out what’s new. It was lunch timeand so Subway was my choice ($11.90).Then, it was time to head out of downtown, so I thought I would check outanother Winners on Mumford. Yes, success again! This time in the lingerie dept.($36.78). I finished my shoppingday with a stop at Giant Tiger to buy grapefruit, pears, and avocados and thenI stopped at Sobeys for fish and milk ($32.06). 

Day 4: Thursday

Daily Total: $19.10

Today was more uneventful in thespending department. I co-hosted a ladies’ travel meeting in the afternoon,after which a few of us decided to eat out for dinner at the Butcher Block ($19.10).

Day 5: Friday

Daily Total: $101.65

It was time to get out of Dodge for a change of scenery. Idecided to drive to Truro to play tourist in my own province by checking outthe local mall and popping in and out of the little shops downtown. I picked upa t-shirt ($8.05) and found alovely little tea room where I had lunch ($24.68). Then, it was on to the local Walmart to look around.After leaving Walmart with a wok and a baking dish ($42.32) I drove back to the city, stopped at the NSLC for wine ($26.60), and then called it a day. 

Day 6: Saturday

Daily Total: $46.89

After a long morning walk and brunch on my neighbour’s patio, Idecided to go out to shop for a large houseplant which had been on my to-dolist. I was successful in finding it at Walmart ($30.41). Then, I purchases some steak from Superstore ($16.48)before I went home.

Day 7: Sunday

Daily Total: $77.85

I had a last-minute purchase of strawberriesand BBQ sauce at Sobeys ($13.51) to go with the steak I picked up to BBQyesterday. I also needed potting soil ($1.44)for my new plant and gas for the car ($44.41).The afternoon was a movie for two, Spiderman was the choice ($18.49). 


Weekly Total: $404.39


The only surprises in my week's spendingwere the household expenditures, but I consider these a one-time expense andsomething which is not a constant in my budget.  I am content with all myweek’s expenditures.

Creating and following a budget, is definitelyadvisable for anyone, from the little child with the $5 allowance to the adultwho has a household and family to financially manage.