The breakdown: Gym memberships

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We’ve all heard it a hundred times. Working out is good for your health. But not everybody has access to a gym or the cash to shell out for a monthly membership. Whether you’re jacked like the Rock or just getting started on your journey to getting swole, having a little info never hurts.

That’s why we put together some sweet tips to get yourself sweaty and ready for your healthiest body yet.

Dig for discounts

Gyms are easy to find and there’s guaranteed to be one in almost every community—but what about those inflated prices? Before you buy, most gyms will let you give them a try—do some research to see about free day passes or intro-month discounts and then get ready to feel the burn.

Go online

The internet is flooded with workout videos, routines, meal-prep plans, and fitness blogs to help you get a workout on the cheap without ever having to leave the comfort of your living room.

Take it outside

Working out al fresco can be a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy your natural surroundings, and get that workout in. Need some inspo? Our pal Dylan Playfair from Letterkenny shares his best park workout tips for when you don’t have access to a gym but still want to work up a sweat.

Still need help weighing the financials? This should help get you started:

Fitness centres/gyms in Atlantic Canada:

GoodLife Fitness: $65.00/month – all provinces

Fit-for-Less: $10.00/month – all provinces

YMCA: $10.00/month – all provinces

Platinum Fitness: $47.83/month – Nova Scotia

Fitness New Brunswick: $15.00/month – New Brunswick

Inshape Fitness: $49.00/month – Newfoundland

Orange Theory Fitness: $99.99/month – Newfoundland, Nova Scotia

Atlantic Fitness Centre: $69.99/month – Prince Edward Island

*The breakdown of prices in this article is based on the information that was sourced as of September 1, 2019. We have updated the article to reflect that the prices may have changed or may be subject to change after this was initially drafted and may differ from province to province.