Green rights: An interview with Silver Donald Cameron

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Clean air, clean water, and healthy food. These are basic necessitiesof life. They’re things that all of us should have access to—and in fact,they’re things that citizens of 180 nations around the world are legally entitled to. But Canada is noton that list.

Environmentalist and author Silver Donald Cameron wassurprised to learn that Canadians don’t have these environmental rights. It’swhat led him to create his documentary, Green Rights, which was shared acrossthe Maritimes in a screening tour fall 2017, sponsored by Atlantic CreditUnions.

We sat down with Cameron to chat about his tour and theimpact of environmental rights in countries like the Philippines, Argentina, the Netherlands, and right here at home.

Along with hispassion for the environment, we also had a chance to talk to Cameron about hislong-standing relationship with his local credit union. Find out why he’scommitted to the cooperative system, and what he wishes more people knew aboutcredit unions.