Financial horror stories

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Sometimes the spookiest stories aren’t the tales of ghosts and goblins and all things that go bump in the night. For the truly terrifying, look no further than the real-life stories ahead. This Halloween, we asked our readers to share their own financial horror stories. Thankfully, all of these brave souls survived to tell the tale—and learned a thing or two along the way.

Buyer’s Remorse

“Impulse purchases are always my terror! I regret buying things when I don’t think it through—whether it’s clothing, food, or electronics.

Terrifying Timing

“While I was on maternity leave, my husband needed surgery and had to take time off work. When he returned to work, his company went on strike. Our income was less than 25 per cent of what it normally would be and we struggled financially. We pushed through, but it was a scary time!”

Exchange Rate Panic

“I was travelling abroad and using my credit card without understanding the currency exchange. My credit card statement when I got home was definitely frightening!”

Travel Trouble

“I decided to go backpacking around Asia and didn’t give myself enough time to save. I ended up coming home early with a lot of amazing photos—and a whole lot of debt."