Cabot Oysters is the legacy of the Mattie family, rooted in their late father's dream of owning an oyster farm. Carrying forward his vision and honour, the family embarked on a challenging journey, navigating the ever-shifting currents of fluctuating market demands and environmental uncertainties.

Oyster farming combines patience, dedication, and environmental care. It's about nurturing ecosystems and practicing sustainable harvesting, not just cultivating shellfish. Oyster farmers are essential for both food production and environmental preservation, requiring a unique appreciation for nature's complexities.

Cabot Oysters’ dedication to being family and community-oriented, environmentally responsible, and carbon-positive is evident in every aspect of their work. They believe in giving back to the land and sea that sustain them, ensuring conservation for the generations to come.

Crucial to Cabot Oysters’ success has been a partnership with their local credit union. With financing and belief in their vision, they've transformed dreams into reality, propelling Cabot Oysters to new heights while remaining anchored to their father's legacy.

Cabot Oysters stands not only as a thriving business but as a symbol of resilience, commitment, and the power of honouring one's heritage while forging ahead into the future. Their story serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that with dedication and a strong sense of purpose, even the roughest seas can be navigated toward success.

Next time you want to dive into an ocean of flavour, catch the Mattie’s shucking the freshest oysters at many local events throughout the year.