Recycling your money and making a difference

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“This is a problem we face is that investors today, they don’t really care where their money is going, as long as they get the most out of that investment.”

Does that seem like an out-of-place statement for a group of financial experts in the banking world to feature on Maybe so, but stick with us and we’ll show why we’re exactly NOT that. Don’t take our word for it though … take it from a Canadian celebrity.                                         

Because that’s what award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster Dr. David Suzuki told us when we sat down with him during his recent visit to Halifax for the Divert NS Mobius Awards. He talked about connecting the dots between helping your community thrive, his passion for the world, keeping it local and credit unions themselves.

Atlantic Central In Conversation with Dr. David Suzuki

Of course, we wanted to know what he thinks about the financial industry and its connection to the greater good of the planet.

 “They want the highest return,” he complained.

Interesting. But then how does our effort to provide advanced financial advice, products and services line up at all with Dr. Suzuki?

“This is why I feel something like a co-op is not driven by the thing that investors are which is profit,” he elaborated. “Profit line is not the driving force.  I just think people have to really think about it and say ‘maybe it’s important where my money goes as well as how much I am going to get back by investing in this company.’”

Dr. Suzuki went on to drive home the idea that understanding how your dollar is spent and keeping your money where you live, work and raise your family, is at the heart of vibrant, strong communities.

“I very strongly suggest that we support more of our local people, the money that we spend stays within the community,” he said.

This, he pointed out, includes recycling the money you make, by putting it back into the cities and towns where you live.

And that is where we have a meeting of the minds.

Our website showcases the great way people within our branches and out in our communities who are giving back and making an impact on the wellbeing of our towns, cities and villages.

Because, after all, what’s more important than supporting your friends, family and neighbours? But again, don’t take it from us, take it from Dr. Suzuki.

“Community after all, is the reason we live together. We’re social animals and we love community.”

We couldn’t agree more.