Benefits of the bike

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The best thing about summer is that you’re always on the move. Sunnier days mean road trips, day trips to the beach, and of course, commuting to work. But the downside? All this time on the road can really add up when it comes to your transportation costs.

So, how do you get to where you’re going without the added expense? Here are three tips for commuting on the cheap this summer.

Make carpooling cool again.

Nothing screams summer like getting your friends together and hitting the open road—windows down, sunglasses on, blasting your favourite playlist. Sharing a car with your colleagues may not be as fun, but the spirit can live on. Knowing that you’re all saving some gas money—and the environment—is enough to get you through the drive to the office. Plus, having a rotating DD for those sneaky after work patio drinks can be a bonus.

Ditch the bike shorts—keep the bike.

You don’t need a snazzy mountain bike to hit the streets or trails. Check your local classified websites or social media for used bikes in your community. In an urban area, biking is a great way to get where you need to go quickly, without the hassle of waiting in traffic. Plus, you get a little workout in the process.

For those who live further from town, cycling to and from the office might not be an option, but hitting the trails for a leisurely ride during the evenings or weekends can be a nice way to get a little cardio. A bike ride to the beach or lake means you get the double bonus of being able to take a refreshing dip once you get where you’re going.

Take the bus.

For those who live in a larger city or town, public transportation might be a great option to consider. Not only is public transportation more environmentally friendly, but depending on the route, it could be a great way to explore a side of your town you’re not used to seeing. Don’t live in a larger centre? No problem. Many smaller communities around Atlantic Canada offer community transportation options that will help you get from Point A to Point B, especially during the warmer months.

When all else fails, dust off those walking shoes.

There’s one mode of transportation that will never fail you—given you’re physically able: Your own two feet. Strap on your sneakers, throw on your headphones, and stroll to where you need to go. It’s that easy.